Spike Rush-Pygame Implemenation is a top down shooter where two players compete by attacking and defending a single spike site.

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Spike Rush is a top down shooter where players compete by attacking and defending a spike site. A pygame implementation of the Valorant game mode.

Project Goals

Our goal for this project was to implement a working version of the Spike Rush game mode from Valorant. We focused on making a top down version and utilized the pygame module during development. We wanted to ensure the game was highly interactive and fun to play with others.

Game Overview

Spike Rush is a top down shooter. Before the game begins, players will be able to choose from a selection of guns to use during the game. Players will spawn in designated attack (blue) and defense (red) zones. The attacking player is given a spike, and must plant and detonate it in the spike zone (yellow). The defending player must protect the zone or defuse the spike if it has been planted. The game ends if either player is eliminated or a spike objective is achieved.


map overview
An overview of the game map, based on the Valorant map Split.

The game in action, showcasing the shooting elements of the game.

sprite closeup
The attacking and defending player sprites from the game.

To play Spike Rush, you will need to download all the files from our Github Repository. You will also need a version of Python and the Pygame module. Further instructions can be found here.

Aditi Vinod

Olin Class of 2025

Aditi is an E:Computing major at Olin College of Engineering. Her hobbies include playing games - mostly Valorant recently, skiing, and spinning fire.

Andrew Phillips

Olin Class of 2025

Andrew is a first year student at Olin. Outside of engineering, he enjoys playing video games, going to metal concerts, and hanging out with his dogs.

Luke Witten

Olin Class of 2025

Luke is a first year at Olin College of Engineering. His hobbies include creative writing, video games, and hanging out with Andrew’s dogs.


Game & logo inspiration from Valorant by Riot Games