Tie-Ler? I Barely Know Her…

Tie-Ler? I Barely Know Her…

This game was made by Tyler Ewald and Lucy Platt. This game is an endless runner game and the objective is to drive away from Babo with Tyler Ewald tied to the roof of your car. While you are running away from Babo there are Olin related obstacles that you have to dodge such as broken washers and smoking laptops. You are visualizing three different tracks and you can switch between them. Objects will spawn on each track and you will control the character to avoid the objects.

The Characters

You are playing as Tyler who is tied to the roof of Lucy’s car. You are being chased by the Babson Public Safety Officer (Babo).


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Game Screen


This is the main game screen. At the bottom of the screen is the Tyler car behind it and the objects on the screen move downwards towards the cars.

Crash Screens

Matlab_Fail Laundry_Fail Computer_Fail

There are three different end screens for when you crash as pictured above depending on the obstacle you run into.