S.W.A.G.: Super Wild Assault Game

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S.W.A.G. is a platform fighter game drawing inspiration from M.U.G.E.N., Super Smash Bros., and Street Fighter. Our goal was to create a configurable engine similar to M.U.G.E.N. that new characters can be added to with relative ease.

The Engine: Create your own character

Character Information:

Within the [character].info file, in json style.

  1. Name, Health, Weight, and Physics:

    • Customize the max health and weight of the character to set the feeling of the way that they move.

    • Ground physics include ground acceleration, speed, and traction across the floor of the stage.

    • Aerial physics include air acceleration, speed, fall speed, and jump acceleration.

  2. Moveset Animation Interactions:

    • Allowed states: When the certain character animation can start
    • Cancelable start: At what frame the move can be canceled by letting go a key press
    • Can move: whether or not a player can go right or left during an animation (i.e. blocking or jabbing).

Sprites: Moveset Animations:

Within the /SPRITES/[move]/ folder.

Add frames for animations for each the moves the character has! Here is the list of moves: Idle, walk, jab, block, air idle, jump, land, and got hit. When implemented with the Player script, this information is immediately utilized by the engine.

Framedata: Hitboxes and Hurtboxes:

Within the [character].anim file, in CSV style.
Give information about the size and location of these boxes which control the interaction between characters, such as whether or not a player’s hit connects with the head and torso, or legs.

About Us:

Jacob Smilg

Class of 2024.
Hates video games.

Melissa Kazazic

Class of 2024.
Jock that shoves people into lockers.