Sprint Development Notes:

Sprint 1

  • Built containment structure
  • Finished initial motor mount
  • Joined flywheel and shaft
  • CAD version 1
  • Motor controller research
  • Preliminary motor selection
  • E Brake COMSOL model (preliminary)

Sprint 2

  • More in-depth mechanical analysis
  • Arduino control for first motor
  • Bearing blocks and top plate completed
  • Mounting rails welded on
  • Motor controller schematic design review
  • Began layout
  • E brake COMSOL and first Iteration of cad
  • Fan mount rev 1

Sprint 3

  • New motor mount (plastic)
  • Motor mount prototype (laser cut wood)
  • New motor integrated
  • O-Drive integration and tuning
  • Proof of concept eddy current rotor
  • Permanent magnet mounting system
  • COMSOL model for thin disk
  • Sourced electromagnets, wound test electromagnets
  • Visualization interface
  • Fault detection
  • Automatic startup and power cycling
  • Current detection
  • IMU mounted in bearing blocks

Consolidated Budget

Meet the Team

Using our specialized backgrounds we came to design and implement this system. Leveraging our specializations allowed for great depth in the design work that aligned with our fortes. With a system as complex as this one, we all came to learn what makes this project spin.

Avery Clowes

Mechanical Engineer

Sensing, Mechanical Design and Magnetic Simulations & Systems

Zeno Schwebel

Mechanical Engineer

Fabrication and Mechanical Design

Adi Ramachandran

Electrical & Computer Engineer

Motor Controller Design, Motor Controller Firmware

Alex Butler

Electrical & Computer Engineer

Motor Controller Design, Motor Controller Firmware, PM