"A Dramatic Mix of Engineering and Art!"

We had 6 weeks to complete an integrated engineering project. The project had to incorporate significant mechanical, electrical and software components. We also had to make the project without spending more than $250. With these constraints we came up with the Ball Matrix Display.

We created a Ball Matrix Display, which is a device that creates an image out of small black and white plastic balls. It does this by dropping balls into clear tubes and moving the tubes until it has created a full image. Once our Matrix Ball Display creates an image it drains the balls into an elevator that brings all the balls back up to the top where they are sorted by color and are ready for the next print.

Futher Exploration

Please feel free to explore our project more in depth.

Thank you

A Thank you to every member of the Olin Commuinty who made this possble, especially the PIE teaching team and the wounderful shop staff.